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‘Beyhadh’ 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Sony Tv

‘Beyhadh’ 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Sony Tv on nagin2.com

The episode starts with saanjh telling her dad to email the message she sent to him which would act as a proof for proving ayan’s innocence.

The screen then shifts to maya who gets Samay’s message citing her irresponsiveness
Maya messages him that if he had truely loved and cared for her then he would’ve stopped the email which was a proof of ayan’s innocence

Samay replies by saying that he truly loves her and promises to mend things and hide her cruel deeds. Also Read ‘Ishqbaaz’ 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update.

‘Beyhadh’ 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Sony Tv

He then sees saanjh’s father trying to send the mail and loosens some wire in the electric board circuit .Saanjh’s father suspiciously looks at him and soon samay tries to strangulate him and makes him touch the electric board which he had manipulated and thus due to electrocution saanjh’s father dies on spot
At maya’s place
Arjun brings some candles for maya as they plan a candle light dinner and some more stuff but just then he receives a call from vandana
And excuses maya who tgen goes to jhanvi as she was pressing the buzzer
Maya continues her emotional melodrama and says that jhanvi never protected her and never heard her screams but she will not let this happen to her child ..she will always be by her child’s side and protect her kid

Just then arjun comes and says that prem uncle is dead and maya remembers messaging samay and Samay’s reply that he would mend things …she also remembers arjun telling her that he will only be by her side till she does good to others and would leave her if she is unable to control her emotions
And she says in her mind that she will never let arjun go away from her no matter what.

Precap-maya yells at samay that why did he tell her about somebody’s death and samay tells maya that she made him kill a person and has never loved him but instead only used him for her selfish motives. Maya gets shocked.