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‘Ishqbaaz’ 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update Star Plus

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The show starts with Anika telling Shivaye that she will not do anything, which she should not think to do. She was about to go, but Shivaye calls Sahil’s name and showed her clip and says I will let Sahil go and car blasts. Anika shouts Sahil and runs after it.


Anika was crying in her room and was remembering Shivaye’s word that he will make her marry her. Shivaye came there and asked her to get ready before he completes his counting till 5. Anika was crying, and Shivaye started counting, but Om came there and asked Shiavye why he is counting the number. Shiavye says its usual as he is waiting for Tia as she is taking her time for getting ready for her marriage.

Omi goes, and Aniak runs from the window. Shiavaye entered the room and was shocked to see Aniak run out of the room. Shivaye tells Anika you did not do right.

Shiavye entered his mandap and told everyone that Tia and Anika went to the designer as there was some problem in Tia’s dress. The whole Oberoi family along with Shivaye started dancing and enjoying the party.

Then Shivaye move from there and Aniak was seen running. Shivaye and his men caught Anika and asked her to marry him. Anika says she will not do anything, whatever he want her and she turns and leaves. Shiavye calls Sahil’s name and Anika turned and asked why you says Sahil’s name. Shivaye took the cell phone from his men and asked Anika to talk to Sahil.

Anika talked to Sahil and asked where you are? Sahil says you send the big car for me to attend the marriage of Billu Ji. Shivate takes the cell phone. Anika asked him to leave Sahil away from this matter. Shivaye pushes the button, and a car blast, and Anika runs after the car shouting Sahil’s name.

Shivaye ran after her and asked her to stop. Shivaye asked how you do this and kill my brother. She pushes him and beats him. Shivaye told her that Sahil is safe till he wants him to and showed the video cam of Sahil to her. He asked Anika to marry him else he will kill Sahil. Anika says how you could be so down and cries and put her head on his shoulder. Shivaye locks her in her arm.


Shivaye and Anika will go to Mandap and Shivaye will make her wear her put Varmala in his neck. Then, he will put sindoor on his head and will make her wear mangalsutra.