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Mouni Roy Facing Criticisms for ‘Naagin 2’

India’s very own supernatural show, Naagin, has been under the microscope ever since it aired. Being the number one show in the country doesn’t save it from criticisms. TV actress Mouni Roy, who is currently seen in the TV show Naagin 2, says it isn’t possible to keep everyone happy in the industry. A lot of TV shows like Naagin and Sasural Simar Ka have been criticised for being regressive. But Mouni says that the flak doesn’t bother her. “I have been around in the industry a lot to know that not everybody is going to like you and not everybody is going to agree with what you are doing. I respect everybody’s opinion,” Mouni Roy says.

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She added, “Naagin 2 is a fantasy fiction. It was presented like that too. I know shows that promise something else and give something else, but here that is not the case.” The actress, who was also seen in the song Ki kariye nachna aaonda nahin in the film Tum Bin 2, also said that in the end it is the audiences’ call over what to watch and what to skip. “We don’t force, we don’t shove it down anybody’s throat,” she added. Well said, Mouni! Naagin 2 became just as popular as the first instalment and people love the show no matter how much sense it makes or doesn’t make. In fact, Naagin has made a lot of actors really popular.