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‘Naagin 2’ Preview: Shivangi and Rocky confess their love for each other

Colors Tv Drama  Naagin 2  starts with Shesha (Adaa Khan) saying Yamini (Sudha Chandran) that she needs her affection Rocky otherwise known as Karanvir Bohra back and at exactly that point she will help her finding the naagmani .Shesha additionally guarantees Yamini she will discover Shivanya Mouni Roy and her child.Then Rocky admits his affection to Shivangi with all the enthusiastic drama.Shivangi tries her level best to reject his proposition. Be that as it may, Rocky simply doesn’t surrender and persuades her that he adores her and can’t live without her. Shivangi fires him saying that would he be able to tell his folks and the young lady with whom he should wed about his affection for her. She affronts him and requests that he leave without further ado. Over emotional serials.

When Rocky leaves, Shivangi’s companion advises her that even she is infatuated with him. In the midst of this dramatization Shivanya guarantees in mandir of wedding her little girl inside the age of 25 years with the goal that she ought not get to be Naagin. Strangely there is an uncommon event on that night where all the bother and naagin’s tries to awe Lord Shiva. Sesha too comes to there to get some answers concerning Shivanya. She does an uncommon naagin execution. Well actually I was not awed with her thanda execution.. Ponder what Lord Shiva needs to say.

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Anyway, after her poor execution she guarantees Lord Shiva that he is awed with her and he needs to demonstrate her the best approach to Shivanya and entertaining part it she finds even figures out how to her. There is one couple bother and Nag couple whom Sesha debilitates them to death to advise her about Shivanya’s address. Sesha transforms into Shivanya and wanders around the territory to discover her where she discovers Shivanya and her child is dead and she is to a great degree cheerful knowing the way this was just to trick her. She joyfully goes and educates this to Yamini, who now chooses that Rocky ought to wed Sesha as she is the one and only left who can help her range till Naagmani.

Rough who is frantically enamored with Shivangi straightforwardly provokes her future life partner Aditya for a fight and loses the diversion. Shivangi shouts at the Rocky that why did he had a battle with Aditya and what was he attempting to demonstrate. Rough claims that she adores him thus she came to him in spite of he lost.

Shivangi says that she is going to wed inside few days and doesn’t love him. While Rocky once more tries to persuade her that she adores him and acknowledge it. He beseeches her to death. In any case, Shivangi denies it once more and candidly separates. Shivangi’s companion interferes with their enthusiastic dramatization and advises her that she needs to go for Aastimi pooja. Shivanya comes to at the ring and inquiries her little girl Shivangi about Rocky an inquires as to whether she is infatuated with him, Shivangi admits to Shivanya that she is enamored with Rocky. Shivanya guarantees her little girl that will finish her romantic tale.

Shesha comes to realize that Rocky is enamored with a young lady (she doesn’t know cap she is Shivanya’s little girl Shivangi). She gets to a great degree furious and needs to execute her quickly while Yamini tries to chill her off and says she will slaughter her. Yami spans to meet Rocky and asks him for what valid reason did he battle. Rough admits his adoration to is Badi Maa and says that Shivangi’s affection made him do this. Rough is super eager to make Yamini meet Shivangi. While Yamini who loves to converse with herself arranges that she will murder Shivangi when she meets him. Be that as it may she is shocked to Shivangi and understands that she is no on e yet Shivanya’s little girl. In the following scene you will see that Shivangi is hot by a shot arranged by Yamini. Presently it be fascinating to perceive how Shivanya and Yami will meet.