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‘Nach Baliye 8’ Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbaachiya eliminated

Bharti Singh, Haarsh Limbaachiya, nach baliye 8.Pass on, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbaachiya are the cutest couple on the show. They have that logical appeal to their romantic tale that most likely just exists in motion pictures. To see them move is dependably a pleasure on Nach Baliye 8. Be that as it may, shockingly, their Nach travel has reached an end, sooner than we anticipated. Pause for a minute to inhale, however Bharti and Haarsh have been dispensed with from the move reality appear. That implies not any more sentiment wala move! All things considered, in any event not on the Star Plus show.

‘Nach Baliye 8’ Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbaachiya eliminated

On a weeks ago, scene Bharti and Haarsh charmingly moved on tunes from Dabangg. They scored a 25 on the meter, and it appeared like an average number. This time along, they scored the same. Turns out, it wasn’t sufficient. In the elms that occurred today, Bharti and Haarsh have been demonstrated the leave entryway. All things considered, crowd is a definitive vote toward the end. A week ago we saw Brent and Aashka Goradia get wiped out from the show. The voyage is just getting harder for the rest of the superstar couples on Nach Baliye 8.

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Bharti is an outstanding entertainer, while Haarsh is an author. Their meet-charming story is dissimilar to any. They met while chipping away at a satire appear, in which Bharti was the ability. They recalled their days together on different scenes of Nach Baliye 8. Haarsh couldn’t quit spouting about how Bharti makes him chuckle. On one specific scene, a challenge was held between VIP couples, where one accomplice needed to convey the other on their back, in kind of piggy back race. Bharti and Haarsh taken an interest with the best of their excitement and brandishing soul. Bharti’s weight did not enable Haarsh to convey her, but rather that did not come in their direction. Rather, Bharti conveyed her man on her back and taken part in the race. However, they lost, yet their extremely energy won hearts! Furthermore, toward the day’s end, that is quite recently enough.

All things considered, soon special cases will enter the show. Along these lines, there is that dangling trust that Bharti and Haarsh may make a rebound as special cases.