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Watch Video ‘Befikre’ Couple Ranveer and Vaani 

As though the Befikre trailer and secrets weren’t sufficient to turn on the warmth, the lead couple Ranveer and Vaani have again set the temperatures taking off by exposing it everything except it is not for a motion picture this time.

Ranveer and Vaani as of late worked together for a commercial with a film amusement organization to instruct individuals about the do’s and don’ts in a silver screen corridor and trust us when we say it as Befikre as you would anticipate from the stars.

The advertisement that highlights the right dignity the gathering of people ought to follow in a theater presents Ranveer and Vaani in a particular symbol advising the theater goers in the most engaging way imaginable.

Get the video ideal here and take a gander at those two popcorn pails getting all soft!