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‘Woh Apna Sa’ 24th May 2017 Written Episode

‘Woh Apna Sa’ 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Zee Tv on nagin2.com

Scene 1
Adi says what will I say to chini mini? Why can’t their mom live with them? Because she isn’t worth it. This will create insecurity in them. Jhanvi says no you have to give them a lot of love and affection. You have to be a mom and dad for them. That is what my mom did too. And it gave us courage to face the truth. I know you can because you love your kids. She leaves.

Kaku says my whole life’s experience is shattered. A father has to save his kids. But I couldn’t save my family. I was forcing adi in a well from which he could never come back. I feel so ashamed.
Aadi tries to stand up. Raj comes and says brother why you stood up? You need rest. Adi says my family needs me. Raj says finally that nisha is gone from your life. It should be a happy day. Adi

says you know Kaku would be crying. Kaki who loved nisha so much she lost her daughter. Neha lost her sister. My daughter lost their mom. I lost the woman I thought I would spend life with. I wish she could understand what we give her money can’t. She last left anyway. A lot of people have lost. We should never celebrate relationships breaking. Raj hugs him. The only thing that worries me is how will I explain this to kids? I don’t know what to do. They will be coming anytime.
Adi recalls when he married Nisha. When she held his hand and entered that house. He recalls when she was pregnant.

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‘Woh Apna Sa’ 24th May 2017 Written Episode

Nisha is walking on the road. She recalls how she was dragged out. Adi recalls nisha saying I hate your family. I can’t live with these nice people. It suffocates me. So I want them to die. Now see how I kick your kaku and kaki out of this house. If you ever think about divorce you will lose your whole family. She said she mixed something in the colors of holi that will harm neha and her baby. Adi throws her pictures away.
Nisha stumbles and falls. A car drives past and mud splashes all over her. She sits there and cries adi..

Scene 2
Jhanvi settles the table. She and Suru make their mom guest the things they have made. Jhanvi says I know I never said this before but I want to.. You are really strong. Alone you fought so many things. how did you manage and told us truth? It must be difficult.Ma says no when its about kids a mother can fight anything. I wanted to tell you both truth. i didn’t want to play with your trust. So I with an open heart told you everything truth. Jhanvi says in heart I hope adi’s love for his kids give him strength too.
Adi comes home and says baba sa doesn’t have to be scared in this house anymore. He is safe now. Kaku is standing in balcony. Adi and kaki come to his room. Adi says won’t you even look at your son? He says I don’t deserve to be called your father. I did so wrong with you. Adi says please don’t say that. You have done so much for me. You brought me up. you are my father. You are my kaku. Kaku says I don’t deserve this respect. I couldn’t understand you. I never trusted you. For that girl who doesn’t value anyone us. I am sorry. Adi says its not your mistake. You gave a daughter in law a label of daughter. you loved her more than your own son. She couldn’t handle that love and respect. Please don’t blame yourself. Kaku says still forgive me. Adi says no only kids apologize. Chini mini come home and say papa mummy.. Adi is dazed.

Adi says hi. Chini says how are you? Chachi told us you will be fine soon. Mini says where is mama? Everyone is silent. Mini says I wanna show my prize to you both. Adi says you got a prize? He kisses her forehead. Chini says yes mini won essay writing competition. Where is mama? Lets celebrate. Neha says mama is not home. She has gone out. I have made your fav pasta. Change then we will eat it. Mini says no we have to meet mama first. Where has she gone? Mama promised us she will take us out. Where did she go alone? Kaki says she will come back soon. Change and sleep. Mini says I wanna show her my prize. Neha says lets take your selfie with prize and send to mama. Mini says papa video call mama. Raj says oh she forgot her phone home. Neha says lets change. Then we will call your friends.
Kaki says they are so young to face all this. I know adi you tolerated nisha all these years for your daughters. I wish she could ever understand too.
Kaku says today kids need answers. I don’t know how to tell the truth. They will shatter. We need to be careful. We should say nisha has gone abroad for some days. Kakai says you are right. With time they will have courage. Nisha says nisha wont sit calm. If chini mini get to know from some other source they will be more hurt. Kaku says he is right too.

Neha says they didn’t eat much. They were asking about their mom. Mini really wanted to show nisha her prize. Raj says i don’t think we can hide it. What if they call her? Adi says I have decided. My kids deserve to know truth. I can’t break their trust. I can’t do that. I will tell them truth.
Chini says to mini dont’ worry mama will come. Mini says I am missing her. she didn’t even see my prize. Chini says papa did mama come? Where is she? Adi says you can tell me what you want to tell mama. Chini says tell papa what you wrote in essay. Mini says I wrote it for mama.

Precap-Nisha says for kids their parents are role model. When idols are wrong it hurts them.
You have to tell them very carefully in their own language.