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‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on nagin2.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya thinking who is sending flowers to Simmi. She sees the burnt food and says where is Shagun’s focus these days, she scolded Pihu too. She dumps the food and cleans the mess. She orders food. Shagun sees her. She sees the cooked food dumped. She asks Aaliya why did she throw food. Aaliya says it was burnt. Shagun says you wasted food, can’t you have burnt food for one day, why are you wasting money. Aaliya says don’t tell me how to use Mani’s money. She argues and asks her not to interfere. She goes. Shagun says go and call Adi to complain about me. Ishita comes there. Shagun asks why did you come, Mani and Aaliya are not at home. Ishita says I came to talk about Pihu, I know whatever I say will be meaningless for you, but Pihu is young girl, why are you

doing this for her, she loves you, why did you say you don’t want to meet her, she is scared and thinks everyone will leave her, I know your annoyance, but its with us, why did you drag Pihu in this, she deserves love, don’t break her heart. Shagun asks is your lecture over, I know what to go. My house is not a garden, next time take my permission before coming, leave. Ishita says I will leave, but I did not wish everyone to love you, one who loves you, you push them away, please change, else your children will not come to you. She leaves. Shagun says yes, you do magic on everyone. She gets angry.

Mihika is on call and says yes, Romi went to get kulfis, we are coming home. She sees Romi with some girl and says oh, so he is busy here, who is that girl. She calls out Romi. The girl goes. Romi comes to Mihika. She asks who was she, any colleague. He says don’t know. She asks what, you don’t know her, and still you were laughing and talking to her, its so weird, I know she was a girl so you were talking. He says listen to me, give me chance to say, she was asking address directions. She says fine, why did you hold her. He says I did not hold her. She says don’t lie, if I told such directions to a guy then… He calls her mad and asks her to stop watching tv serials. They argue. She asks him to get kulfi for that girl and gets annoyed.

Adi talks to some man. The man says we can just take bank transfer or cheque. Adi says its not illegal money, its rightful money, I have bill, I will talk to CA. The man says you should have told me and not taken amount in cash, tell Mihir or Raman. Adi says no, Papa should not know this. Aaliya calls Adi and asks can we meet, Shagun and I had an argument. Adi asks the man to sort the matter. He gets busy on call with Aaliya. The man keeps the cash in locker. He waits for Adi. Adi pacifies Aaliya. The man leaves. Aaliya asks him to come in cafe near office. Adi says fine. He sees that man gone and says I forgot, what to do, I have to solve this problem, if Papa knows this, he will not leave me.

Raman sees Ishita worried and asks the matter. She says nothing. Pihu comes and thanks Ishita for making her good hairstyle. I had fun. They smile. Pihu tells what happened in party. Raman smiles seeing them. Pihu kisses Ishita and goes. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays………Raman says none gave kiss to me. Ishita says I will call Pihu. Raman says why Pihu, you can love me. She says I have work, romance at wrong time. He says I don’t care, I will get annoyed, i m loving my wife, not neighbor’s, I feel peace being with you. She says we are together, we should thank Vidyut. He says fine, he is coming home, thank him. She asks what. He says he came Delhi for work, I invited him for dinner. She says you should have told me, I will make food. He says don’t get hyper, I told Neelu, she will make his fav food. She says I have to tell everyone. He says I m sure Papa will calm down. They hear Romi and Mihika arguing and go out. Simmi asks what happened. Mihika complains about Romi.

Romi asks Mihika not to blame him always. Aaliya comes and complains about Adi, who made her stay in cafe till now. Mihika says Adi went on Romi. Adi comes and asks Aaliya to shut up, he missed the work. Raman and Ishita ask what happened, why are they quarrelling. Mihika, Romi, Adi and Aaliya argue. Everyone look on. Vidyut comes there and sees them arguing. Raman and Ishita see Vidyut. Raman shouts enough….. They all get quiet. He says Vidyut Sahay is standing behind, get quiet now. They all see Vidyut. Vidyut greets them. Raman welcomes him. Simmi says he is so handsome. Mihika says not bad. The ladies smile.

Vidyut says I think I came on wrong time, I will come tomorrow. Raman says its friendly argument, it happens every day, come. Vidyut says I got flowers. Raman asks him to come and meet Ishita. The ladies run away to get ready. Mr. Bhalla meets Vidyut. Shravan goes pushing them. Raman says sorry, we filed complaint in forest dept. They will come to take him. He thinks where all ladies went.

Shravan tells Ananya and Pihu that Bala got the speaker for him. They ask why is he excited for this. Shravan says you can operate this by phone, you can hear songs and even conversations. They like it. Raman calls out Neelu and even she is gone. Vidyut asks where did everyone go. Raman says yes, everyone is there. Mr. Bhalla tells maybe Ishita went to get my medicines. Vidyut talks to them. He says I did not meet aunty till now. Adi and Romi get water and biscuit. Raman asks them not to put tray on Vidyut’s head, they are nervous, how is water. Vidyut says I can see, just water is fine.

Mrs. Bhalla comes in cool avatar. Raman and everyone look on. She takes the flowers. She sits between Raman and Vidyut. She says I m Raman’s mummy. Vidyut greets her as aunty. She holds his hand and talks in english. She says I m young, my marriage happened in young age, I m glad to sit with handsome. Raman tries to stop her. Simmi, Mihika, Aaliya come in cool clothes.

They all greet Vidyut. Mr. Bhalla asks them to get some food for Vidyut. Mrs. Bhalla feeds him biscuits. She asks Mr. Bhalla to go and get food. Romi explains Mr. Bhalla what she means. Vidyut says thanks, I don’t like fried food. Aaliya says it looks, he is so fit. Ishita comes and smiles. Simmi says I m Simmi, I also don’t eat fried things, you are sportsman, you are so… I mean I got diet food, I will get for you. Mihika asks what will you like to have, green tea, masala tea. He says coffee. Romi asks her what. She goes. Everyone try to impress Vidyut. Raman asks whats happening, mummy ji is saying language, it does not look english. She says they took me along and made me ready, Vidyut is handsome and deserves this attention. She goes to see snacks. Mihika gets coffee. Raman looks on.

Amma and Appa come. Simmi signs about Vidyut. Amma says Ayyo…. Vidyut Sahay. She gets glad seeing him.